Code of Conduct

Our team is committed to operating in accordance with the highest standards of ethics and compliance and with its core values of excellence and transparency in research, experiential learning, and inclusive teamwork. 

  • Excellence and transparency: We work cooperatively with government and industry partners and share our data and protocols with the broader community to ensure reproducibility and to foster excellent research for a more just and sustainable environment. 
  • Experiential learning: We provide hands-on training in physiological, ecological, and biogeochemical methods in a variety of systems (e.g. agriculture, forests, rangelands, and wetlands) in collaboration with local communities. 
  • Inclusive teamwork: Our research is inherently interdisciplinary and we value diversity as a major strength. Our goal is to build and maintain a highly motivated, skilled, and diverse group of interdisciplinary scientists consistent with the broader societal need for collaborative science that improves the representation of underserved minorities. 

Self-governance standards

As members of the SPA Lab we value scientific integrity, and we know that creating a safe and inclusive research environment is a key element of that. We are prepared to demonstrate to collaborators, students, and the public that our activities are conducted in an ethical and inclusive manner for the betterment of society. We incorporate ethical practices in all of our scientific and public service pursuits. Specifically, we agree to:

  • Acknowledge and confront the existence of systemic racism, sexism, and discrimination within society and academia;
  • Create and maintain an environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity;
  • Maintain a safe work space of research and teaching environments for all;

By adhering to these standards we create a more inclusive environment for members of our group. By embodying these values we strive to lead by example and to model exemplary behavior for our peers and students. It is our hope that through these actions we will set the stage for respect and equity within academia and beyond.